Looking for volunteers in Surrey

Volunteer in Surrey

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We need you is the long and short of it, if you reside in or around Surrey your help is required to help a local charity (KCF) by volunteering in Surrey and helping us to help local families in and around the area who are less fortunate.

Are requirements are simple, you would need to be psychically fit and be keen to help others. We have volunteers from all backgrounds and areas of society and they all share are goal of helping to make a difference by volunteering time in various capacities and doing lots of good in the local society. Whether you have been a volunteer before or not you can be sure of a warm welcome and be totally appreciated for your contribution.

Throughout the county today there are many young families who are struggling to furnish there home, at KCF are goal is community furniture basically people are kind enough to donate it and then our goal is to recycle what we can and supply it then to local families at a very competitive price.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience and we believe there is no where better to volunteer in Surrey than KCF. You will be directly helping people less fortunate than yourself and making a real impact in the local community. Although it is unpaid work, its extremely rewarding and as many have commented its inspiring too.

We need all types of people to volunteer including:

Drivers – Office staff – Coordinators – Team leaders and so much more. Call us directly on 0208 949 4284 or..